Looking Ahead in 2020

    January is an exciting time for the Image Library as we look to the year ahead. We are continuing to add premium content to the Image Library, particularly looking at upcoming anniversaries this year that link to our unique collection, such as the 200th year since the birth of Florence Nightingale; 200th anniversary of the Cato Street […]

The most remarkable Christmas present in the Royal Armouries collection

  Gifts make up a large part of our collection here at the Royal Armouries museum, from direct gifts given to the museum to objects whose provenance were once diplomatic court gifts or even Christmas presents. This December we have been looking at one of the most ostentatious Christmas presents in our collection; this Foot Combat […]

25th October marks 165 years since the Battle of Balaclava

25th October marks 165 years since the Battle of Balaclava, one of the most significant battles during the Crimean war. Witnessing both extreme acts of bravery and military blunders, it was also one of the first ever conflicts captured on film.   As Russian forces launched an attack on Balaclava they were blocked by the […]


We are proud to continue the 600 year tradition of making “official kit” drawing inspiration from one of the best collections of arms & armour in the world. Our world renowned collection can be used on products from fashion to beverages and licenced across all mediums and formats. The majority of the content distributed through […]

About us

About us Royal Armouries image library is the world’s premium collection of arms and armour images. The Royal Armouries has been witness to remarkable historical events and is guardian of many significant objects, some of which have transformed the world as we know it. At the heart of the Royal Armouries is a unique collection […]


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