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Royal Armouries Image Licensing

License images from the national collection of arms and armour. We recognise that some of the most compelling narratives of human experience have been shaped by weapons and armour, and the consequence of their use is all around us. Their development has drawn on contributions from great scientists, craftsmen and artists, and our collections provide a unique route to understanding global history and cultures. 

Royal Armouries Pig Face Bascinet and Curator

What we do 

As the leading source of weapons and armour images, Royal Armouries prides itself on holding the highest quality and widest range of photographs on the subject. Our archive contains around 20,000 images of arms and armour dating from ancient times to the present day, with new images added daily. We offer a variety of high-quality digital images, films, and sound, to illustrate your film and TV productions, publications, websites, games and more. 

The Armoury In The Tower Of London

Services we offer 

As well as image licensing we also provide the following services to our clients: 
Brand licensing 
Curatorial consultancy and historical research 
•Picture research 
•New photography 
Working closely with our clients we endeavour to bring craftmanship and authenticity to their projects. If you cannot find what you are looking for contact us directly or get in touch to draw on our expertise and discuss your requirements further. 

Thank you 

Royal Armouries is a charity and every purchase generate funds to support our mission to preserve our collection for future generations to enjoy.


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